Get Freaky Frankenstein Treats At This Ice Cream Shop • Brain Freeze Sno-Cones And Snacks

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Get Freaky Frankenstein Treats At This Ice Cream Shop • Brain Freeze Sno-Cones And Snacks

Get your claws on these spooky treats while you can!

Halloween is almost upon us. And while you’re probably savoring the holiday as best as you can barreling through bags of candy and sipping all the pumpkin spice lattes you can afford, you could do yourself one better by grabbing one of these freaky shakes from Brain Freeze Sno-Cones and Snacks!

Unless its chocolate or otherwise filled with pumpkin, when it comes to Halloween-themed cuisine, appearance is counts. Nobody thinks of – let’s say – zucchinis as a Halloween treat. In fact, many would flat out deny such a claim. But if you carve that zuch’ into a creepy finger or some other freaky shape, you might as well stash it in your tote bag and head to the next house.

When it comes to spooky presentation, Brain Freeze Sno-Cones and Snacks has a few tricks up its sleeves. While this writer could go on in detail about the photogenic-ness of the shakes, you’re probably better off checking out the pictures yourself.

Brain Freeze has a rotating and seasonal menu. Lately, the ice cream and snack shack has featured tropical Halloween-inspired concoctions including their sweet and spooky Creepy MangoSwim and Piñalada.


If fruit is not in your diet right now, Brain Freeze also has a Spooky Milkshake that features a ice cream monster buried under a slab of layered cake that is frighteningly delicious.

One point of note is that like other businesses that specialize in monster shakes and like libations, these treats aren’t on the cheap, with the average shake costing you around $15.

Brain Freeze is open from 1 – 8 pm Thursday through Saturdays, 1 pm – 7 pm on Sundays, and are closed from Monday – Wednesday.

Important note: Brain Freeze will close for the season at the end of October, so get your treats while you can!

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