Elon Musk Is Literally Creating His Own City In Texas Called “Starbase”

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Elon Musk Is Literally Creating His Own City In Texas Called “Starbase”

Is Texas about to get another Space City?

It seems like the CEO, Mars enthusiast, mega-billionaire, and music producer, Elon Musk, is making himself at home in the Lonestar State. While the SpaceX owner is currently residing in Austin, Musk is also carving out a place for himself in SpaceX’s launchbase in Boca Chica Village, wherein which he is planning to create his own city called “Starbase”. [Featured image: @Britta Pedersen / POOL / AFP]

The polarizing tech guru has been known to make waves, whether with his grandiose inventions, by lighting up on the Joe Rogan podcast, or compulsively retweeting memes on Twitter, among other things. Yesterday, the SpaceX founder wrote out a succinct Twitter post, “Creating the city of Starbase, Texas.”


As with his other ideas, Musk wasn’t kidding.

According to Business Insider, the judge’s office in Cameron County confirmed Musk’s intention to create the city of “Starbase” in the region surrounding SpaceX’s facilities in Boca Chica.


“In the last few days, Cameron County was officially approached by SpaceX regarding Elon Musk’s interest to incorporate Boca Chica Village into the City of Starbase, Texas. Earlier today Cameron County Commissioners Court was informed of SpaceX’s endeavor,” read the statement procured by Insider.

To officially mint the city of “Starbase” Musk would have to make a formal request to Cameron County, according to Cameron County Judge, Eddie Treviño, Jr. in a statement to Insider:

“If SpaceX and Elon Musk would like to pursue down this path, they must abide by all state incorporation statutes,” said Treviño, Jr. “Cameron County will process any appropriate petitions in conformity with applicable law.”

Back in February, it was revealed that SpaceX was converting two former oil rigs into floating Starship Spaceports for “Mars, moon & hypersonic travel around Earth,” Musk wrote in a Twitter post that summer before.

SpaceX plans to deploy its Starship orbital launch late this year with the ultimate goal of sending boarded flights to Mars by 2026.

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