This Electric Bar Is A Neon Paradise • Electric FeelGood

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This Electric Bar Is A Neon Paradise • Electric FeelGood

Ride the rainbows of the night at Electric FeelGood in Houston.

What is it about neon that is so alluring? It’s simply tinted artificial light. Yet, when wandering around the loud, boozy streets of night, what else draws you into a bar like a flash of electric color? [Featured photo: @desanticarden]

Photo: @rkmanualmode

The Electric Feelgood is a concept bar brought to you by Carmack Concepts. If you’re a local on night scene, chances are you’ve stumbled into one of their projects before. For instance, their Dogwood bar sits just next door. Then, when barhopping on Sixth Street in Austin, you’ll find The Dizzy Rooster and Chuggin’ Monkey — two other Carmack Concept bars.

If you remember going to any of these bars, you have an idea of what Carmack Concepts brings to the table: upbeat, multi-level bars with bombastic music and, well, maybe not the cheapest drinks.

Photo: @electric.feelgood

Electric FeelGood, however, clearly stands out from their other establishments. Unlike their other bars, EF contains a Euro-club vibe absent from their other, more southern comfort-type locations.

Brightly colored furniture beset the interior under contemporary, often tinted, light fixtures. Zany patterns zigzag over the walls. Suspended TVs over the bar-top add static artificial light until when night falls, and their neons blaze and light up the late hour crowds.

Photo: electric.feelgood

What is this pull to neon light? Are we no more than moths bouncing off the streetlamps? Is it that neon is more than just colorful light? A symbol, a metaphor. As if neon’s brilliant glow is the energy we feel on weekend nights. After five dull days of monotonous work and labour, is neon what surges in electric currents through our veins as we give ourselves away to revelry, buzzing ever brightly until our fuses blow in that one forgotten hour of the night?


Or is it just pretty?

All the same. It’s color. It’s light. It’s upside and down in the Electric FeelGood on Brazos Street.

Photo: @anastasichansen

Electric FeelGood is open every day of the week and offers specialty cocktails in addition to wine, frozen drinks, beers, and shots. Their kitchen features appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, sides, and dessert options. In addition its daily happy hour, the bar offers specials from Wednesday to Sunday including brunch on weekends.

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