A Spectacular Exhibition Of Egypt’s Greatest Treasures Is Coming To Houston

Alex Landon Alex Landon

A Spectacular Exhibition Of Egypt’s Greatest Treasures Is Coming To Houston

Travelling exhibition ‘Ramses and the Pharaoh’s Gold’ will appear in five countries.

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has given the green light for a new touring exhibition of fabulous treasures, named ‘Ramses and the Pharaoh’s Gold’ – and it’ll be visiting Houston before long.

I would love to tell you exactly when, but unfortunately that’s not exactly clear just yet. The exhibition is going on tour from November 2021 until January 2025, and will span five cities, so it’s not been confirmed when it’ll be hitting Houston. Over the next four years, you’ll be able to find it in Houston at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, San Francisco (De Young Museum), Boston (The Castle at Park Plaza), London (in an undisclosed location), and Paris (La Fellette Hall).

Exhibition will be sparkling with fabulous golden treasures, including a statue of the pharaoh Khafre made from solid gold, which is going on display to the public for only the second time.


Necklaces, gold coins, and a ring bearing the likeness of Queen Nefertiti will also be included in the 170-strong collection of objects, which will no doubt become the hottest ticket in town when they eventually go on sale. We’ll keep you updated with any further info, including dates, a venue, and ticket releases, as soon as we have it.

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