Dr Pepper Has Released A Limited-Time Chocolate-Flavored Drink

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Dr Pepper Has Released A Limited-Time Chocolate-Flavored Drink

The Texas-born beverage is adding chocolate to its 23 flavors this season.

Dr Pepper, the beloved soda first invented in Waco, Texas, has just released a limited-edition chocolatey version for better or worse. [Featured image: @foodiewiththebeasts]

Describing the taste of Dr Pepper to the uninitiated is no easy task. Its flavor profiles range from licorice, to cinnamon, cherry, and plum. The best description that’s probably been said of Dr Pepper is “barbecued Coca Cola.” In addition to their original 23-flavor recipe, the beverage company has released no shortage of special versions over the years including: Berries and Cream, Cherry, Cherry Vanilla, and Vanilla Float.

In part to commemorate the beginning of football season, Dr Pepper Fantastic Chocolate offers the classic taste of Dr Pepper but with a sweet spin of chocolate. The burgundy can features a chocolate-dipped top and bottom punctuated by footballs.

“‘Soda can’t be chocolate-flavored,’ said no one at Dr Pepper” the company wrote on their Instagram account.


The company is also offering fans the chance to make good on Pepper Perks. Dr Pepper people can scan the QR codes on associated products, once enough points are acquired those can then apply to get there hands on Dr Pepper FANtastic Chocolate.

“Sign up for Pepper Perks at the link in our bio to start earning points toward this limited edition, FANtastic flavor.”

What do we think, Houston, sip or skip?

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