Try Your Luck With The Dalgona Cookies As Seen In ‘Squid Game’ At This Local Korean Restaurant

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Try Your Luck With The Dalgona Cookies As Seen In ‘Squid Game’ At This Local Korean Restaurant

No lives were lost in the making of these candy cookies.

What’s recently become the most watched series on Netflix, dethroning the likes of Bridgerton, South Korean survival game series Squid Game has quickly become a global phenomenon in a mere month since its debut. While you might not be willing to put your life on the line in a game of red light, green light, you can get a firsthand taste of the series here in Houston at MDK Noodles with their batches of Dalgona candy as seen in episode three.

Dalgona, ppopgi, or honeycomb candy, is a sugary, crispy, caramel-like toffee candy originating in Korea that feature a variety of shapes on the surfaces. The treat is made with baking soda and sugar, in which the melted concoction turns into a foam that is then pressed into a thin circular disk and imprinted with a shape before hardening.

In Squid Game, contestants are pressed to etch out the candy’s shapes without cracking the figure inside – with fatal consequences for those that do so. Much like the show, the candy itself has turned into a craze. Here in Houston, you can try your luck etching out the candy’s shapes – or just, you know, enjoy eating them – at MDK Noodles in Bellaire.

MDK Noodles – shorthand for Myung Dong Kyoja – debuted in Koreatown in Los Angeles back in 2005. Since then, MDK has opened up more locations in California, as well as an outpost in Houston. The restaurant specializes in dumpling and noodles, with such dishes as their Mixed Spicy Noodles (Bibim Guksu), Pan Fried Dumplings, and Bulgogi Bibimbap.



Presently, you can also find the deadly delicious Dalgona candy. If you don’t have your own needle, the restaurant will provide you with a toothpick to try your hand at the challenge.

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