This Chef Will Design Your Meal When You Send Her A Picture Of Your Pantry

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This Chef Will Design Your Meal When You Send Her A Picture Of Your Pantry

Flour + uncooked noodles + jellybeans = ???

Does your pantry look like a motley ensemble of random jigsaw pieces that belong to their own distinct puzzles? Don’t run to the supermarket just yet. DM a picture of your ingredients to chef, Stephanie Nass, and she’ll plan out a meal for you based on what you have!

Stephanie Nass is a renowned pastry chef who earned her Grand Diplôme in Professional Culinary Arts at the International Culinary Center in New York City.

She is also the founder of roving supper club, Victory Club, that creates art-inspired meals for events around the city of New York, with pop-ups in London, Miami, and the Hamptons.

Since mid-March, Nass has encouraged her audience to DM her so that she can help them plan their meals.

“I’m here to help each and every one of you cook during this period of quarantine. Send me pictures of your cupboards, pantries, and freezers,” she captioned in an Instagram post.

Nass got the idea when a quarantined friend asked her for meal ideas.


“Realizing that other millennials would have similar challenges, I figured that I could use my culinary knowledge and my social platforms to help more people avoid unnecessary trips to the grocery store and even bring some joy in this bleak time,” she said in an interview with PureWow.

The chef is also the innovator behind “Chefanie Sheets” — edible patterned decorating sheets used to elevate the presentation of cakes, donuts, or other pastries.

Do you know what to do with the ingredients that you have in your kitchen? If not, let Chef Stephanie Nass know @chefanienass on Instagram.

“Don’t fret or make an unnecessary trip to the grocery store; #STAYHOME, and send pictures of what you have. We’ll compose a meal based on that,” she said in an Instagram post.

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