New CBD-Infused Coffee Shop Coming To Houston • Amsterdam Co. CoffeeBar

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New CBD-Infused Coffee Shop Coming To Houston • Amsterdam Co. CoffeeBar

The Heights are about to get a little higher with new CBD coffee shop.

Amsterdam is a beautiful little European city populated with parks, museums, picturesque neighborhoods, and lovely streets filled with whirring cyclists. Yet, above all, Amsterdam is synonymous with two things: the Red Light District and coffee houses. And the latter aren’t quite so famous for their coffee.

That’s right. I’m talking about the ganja, the herb, the devil’s lettuce, the Johnny red-eye, the reefer, the dank, the good good, the loud, the sensimilla, that sweet Mary Jane.

None of which you’ll find at the Amsterdam Co. CoffeeBar in Houston. But it will have CBD. [Featured image: @cjmalek]

Photo courtesy of @cjmalek

Amsterdam Co. CoffeeBar is slated to open in spring at 807 W. 19th, on North Durham.

The coffee house and CBD dispensary will feature a Euro-contemporary design with vaulted ceilings, sleek furniture, and an open-access bar concept. It will also have a front and back patio for lounging, live music, and other events.

The coffee shop will offer your typical coffee house amenities of coffee (duh), lattes, juices, and teas. Future plans are to add beer and wine to the menu.

Unlike (American) coffee houses, Amsterdam Co. will offer an assortment of CBD products in the form of oils, balms, and gummies. Customers will have the opportunity to control the amount of CBD in their drinks. All CBD products are carefully selected by the company.

Photo courtesy of @cjmalek

To clear the smoke, CBD is a naturally-occurring substance that comes from the sativa (marijuana) plant. There are many varieties of CBD but basically, unlike marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive.

While CBD could contain trace amounts of THC (the psychoactive substance THC found in weed) the amount would top out at a negligible .3%. Think non-alcoholic beer compared to tequila. So, even if you drink a gallon of CBD — which you definitely should not and will not do — you still won’t get high.

Given that this is Texas, the CBD offered at Amsterdam Co. CoffeeBar will likely be absent of any THC. Meaning that you’ll be able to drink your coffee without the fear of failing a drug test.


Photo courtesy of @cjmalek

As I’m already here, I should mention the reported health benefits of CBD. Those include treatments of epilepsy, anxiety disorders, drug withdrawals, and more.

While Amsterdam Co. CoffeeBar has not revealed a specific date, it plans to open in Houston in March or April. So come time spring, you’ll be able to score.

Photo courtesy of @cjmalek

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