CBD-Infused Coffee Shop Opens In The Heights • Amsterdam Co. CoffeeHouse

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CBD-Infused Coffee Shop Opens In The Heights • Amsterdam Co. CoffeeHouse

The Heights just got a little higher.

Amsterdam is a beautiful little European city populated with parks, museums, picturesque neighborhoods, and lovely streets filled with whirring cyclists. Yet, above all, Amsterdam is synonymous with two things: the Red Light District and coffee houses. And the latter aren’t quite so famous for their coffee. Now, you can get a subtle – remarkably subtle – taste of Amsterdam with the CBD-infused cafés at new Amsterdam Co. CoffeeHouse in the Heights. [Featured image: @photog_lo_]

Housed in a 1900’s Dutch Colonial, the coffee shop and CBD dispensary features a Euro-contemporary design with vaulted ceilings, sleek furniture, and an open-access bar concept. It also has a front and back patio for lounging, live music, and other events when the time comes.

The coffee shop offers your typical coffee house amenities of assorted coffee, specialty drinks such as a vegan Red Velvet Latte, 9 Spice Chai, and Matcha Green Tea Latte, and teas. Future plans are to add beer and wine to the menu.


Unlike (American) coffee houses, Amsterdam Co. offers an assortment of CBD products in the form of oils, balms, and gummies. Customers will have the opportunity to control the amount of CBD in their drinks. All CBD products are carefully selected by the company

To clear the smoke, CBD is a naturally-occurring substance that comes from the sativa (marijuana) plant. There are many varieties of CBD but basically, unlike marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive. Given that this is Texas, the CBD offered at the new Amsterdam Co. CoffeeBar is absent of any THC. Meaning that you’ll be able to drink your coffee without the fear of failing a drug test.

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