Hurl Axes At This Badass BYOB Axe-Throwing House • The Ratchet Hatchet

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Hurl Axes At This Badass BYOB Axe-Throwing House • The Ratchet Hatchet

Cut the sleeves off your red flannel and get to chucking.

Darts, shuffleboard, and cornhole are mere child’s play compared to axe throwing. Unleash your inner badass at this BYOB axe-throwing house in Houston. [Featured image: @jodie1487]

As urbanites, Houstonians don’t often get the chance to channel their inner lumberjack. When we do, it’s in different ways. There are some of you that have land of some sort, where you go and chop firewood on a tree stump; others (hipsters) affiliate with wood cutters by growing out beards and drinking top-shelf whiskey; then there are those of us who’s feeble tenuous connection to the culture manifests in the quantity of maple syrup that we pour over our pancakes.

If you want the true experience — by true, I don’t actually mean doing the actual rugged, intense, and truly dangerous lumberjack work of climbing and cutting down trees, but rather the fun offhand antics of throwing axes and drinking booze — then The Ratchet Hatchet in Houston gives you the tools for the trade.

At The Ratchet Hatchet — or “Axe-throw-world”, as their astronaut mural denotes — you can throw away all your pent up stress in the force behind your hurling axes. Additionally, the axe-throwing house is a great, albeit slightly unnerving, place for corporate events, birthday parties, bachelor, and bachelorette parties.


The axe-throwing house has 10 lanes and charges $35 for individual booking. You can also order group packages (prices vary) that include t-shirts and other benefits.

If you’re looking to get a thrill, relieve stress, or simply have a couple beers and chuck some axes, The Ratchet Hatchet is where to go!

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