Booze On Blades At This All-Ages Amusement Park

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Booze On Blades At This All-Ages Amusement Park

At the Funplex Houston Amusement Park you can feel like a kid again — except with more alcohol.

Adults like to play, too. We like rollerblading, bowling, and yeah, maybe a little bit of boozing. Yet, we face discrimination by the establishment. That is, amusement and entertainment establishments. These businesses restrict these simple pleasures for children — at the exclusion of older people. What gives?

Alas, my grown-up contemporaries: the Houston Fun Plex is giving adults the chance to have their fair share of the fun with adult skate nights. [Featured image: @cavalier_skating]

Photo: @shea_jordan

Okay, so maybe I went a little too far before. Of course there are entertainment centers open to adults — Dave and Busters, for one. And it’s not like adults are forbidden from skating rinks; I mean, how else would kids tie their skates?

Sure, we childless adults could go for a spin. No one’s stopping us. But then you knock over one little kid — who can’t even skate in the first place — and suddenly you have a furious dad with hairy-ass arms and real grown-man strength locking you in a chokehold.

For those of us that are kids (at heart) – there’s no winning. Yet, there is hope. At the Funplex Amusement Park in Houston, you can roll back to the good old days at their Adult Only Skate Nights on Fridays.

Photo courtesy of Funplex’s Facebook

The amusement center, ranked the Best Indoor Amusement Park in 2019, promises fun for all ages — and they really mean it! For $15, adults can lace up their skates and take a spin, and maybe a shot or two from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

The center has a full sports bar in the indoor park that is open all hours. So if the occasional look of disapproval from a mom doesn’t bother you, you can let out your inner child with one of their many attractions.


Purchase an Unlimited FUN Pass (prices vary by time and day of week) for access to any and all of their rides and activities, as well as a $10 gift card to squander on arcade games.

Photo: @swankvisualz

To give you an idea of what this place has to offer, take a peak at this abridged list: bowling, trampolines, a Ferris wheel, go karts, VR rides, and over 140 arcade games, just to name a few.

After you’ve worked up a sweat, don’t forget to stop by their food court and fuel up on pizza, wings, burgers, milkshakes, sundaes, and s’mores.

Photo courtesy of FunPlex’s Facebook

If you enjoy paying a mortgage, talking taxes, and spending your Sunday afternoons mowing the lawn — more power to you. But c’mon, have yourself a little fun. Take a trip to FunPlex Amusement Park and crack a smile from your inner child!

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