Spend Self-Isolation In An Epic Blanket Fort: Here’s What You Need

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Spend Self-Isolation In An Epic Blanket Fort: Here’s What You Need

It’s time to bring out your inner child and build an impenetrable fortress of pillows and blankets that’s absolutely epic!

Get cozy, we might be here a while. Gather all your quilts, curtains, blankets, cushions and pillows and get ready to build a castle of comfort that will defend against the looming threat of boredom.

Therein is your quest: create a sanctuary to thwart all threats to your sanity.

There are plenty of ways to create an awesome home fort, but really it’s all up to the supplies and imagination that you’ve got.

Here’s what you need for the ultimate (and cozy) adult blanket fort:

  • Pillows ☑️
  • Blankets (duh) ☑️
  • Tapestry: looks cool on your wall but even cooler on your roof ☑️
  • Wine: adds to the fun, promise ☑️
  • Books: use the dictionaries for weights, the Harry Potter series for later entertainment ☑️
  • Chairs/Broomsticks/Coatracks: for spires and some vaulted ceiling action ☑️
  • Lights: because Instagram loves twinkles and you don’t have night vision ☑️
  • Hand sanitizer: because WASH YOUR HANDS! ☑️☑️☑️

Bonus points if you can make a moat with a kiddie pool!


Drastic times call for fantastic measures. Don’t give in to the doldrums. You must protect your own personal amusement at all costs.

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