10 Of The Best Places To See The Sunset In Houston

Colby Smith Colby Smith

10 Of The Best Places To See The Sunset In Houston

Who loves the sun?

Texas Hill Country might get all the love when it comes to sunset-gazing. But here in Houston, the sky is puts on its own stellar show. When the time is just right, there are plenty of places in Space City that provide a perfect vantage point to catch the show. [Featured image: @dennyxnguyen]

1. The Twilight Epiphany Skyscape

Two levels of steel, concrete, and stone beset under a slate-like canvas roof compose the Twilight Epiphany installation. At the top of the pyramidical structure is a square aperture that opens up to the sky. During sunrise and sunset, the installation projects LED lights onto the ceiling that suffuse the portal’s border with a composed sequence of hues. Simplistic in form, the color sequence harmonizes with nature in light, time, and movement in a display of pure beauty.

2. Waugh Bridge

While Austin might where the title of “Bat City” Houston hosts one of the largest year-long colonies of Mexican free-tailed bats in Texas. When the sun goes down, these bats emerge from underneath Waugh Bridge to stretch their wings resulting in a surreal surreal sunset spectacle.

3. Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge

Set above the Buffalo Bayou between Memorial and Allen Pkwy is the Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge. Looking east, visitors can witness a lush landscape surrounding the bayou at the foot of the distant skyline. When the sun goes down, the scene becomes all the more magical.

4. Eleanor Tinsley Park

For a more up-close encounter, you can wander to the nearby Eleanor Tinsley Park. With its pristine lawn, undulating hills, and breathtaking location in front of the downtown skyline, it makes for an ideal spot to plop down for a front row seat at the twilight show.

5. Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Houston’s self-proclaimed “most creative brewery” offers a fabulous variety of inventive and enticing suds that go in hand in hand with their top-notch dining options and unbeatable views of the Houston skyline.

6. Miller Outdoor Theatre

After “an extended intermission” Houston landmark and open-air stage, Miller Outdoor Theatre, is back in action with a vibrant variety of free concerts, performances, and recitals. What makes these electrifying acts even more awe-striking is on evenings when audience members are treated to a sweeping sunset backdrop, imbuing the shows with a little extra supernatural flare.


7. On The Bayou

Bayou Boat Tours offers a variety of tours through the bayou, including their Twilight Tours from 5:30 – 8:30 pm on select nights. These half hour cruises give guests the chance to enjoy the evening breeze while looking upon the saturated reflection of the setting sun on the bayou waters.

8. Z on 23

Perched on top of the 23rd floor of La Méridien hotel in Downtown, Houston, Z on 23 has some of the most elevated views in the city. The open air rooftop comes bar equipped, but it only takes cash so withdraw accordingly.

9. Minute Maid Park

Located smack dab in the middle of downtown, Houston, Minute Maid Park is the picture perfect place to catch the old ball game. The cherry on top of the innovative 40,000-seat stadium, is its 242-foot high retractable roof. On cooler evenings when its not raining, the roof comes down revealing a mid-game sunset show, treating spectators to a ballpark experience like none other.

10. Glenwood Cemetery

On Washington Avenue, set upon a rolling grassy landscape is the century-old Glenwood Cemetery. Its terrain resembles more that of a park. With its hilly natural landscape and bluff overlooks, this site offers impeccable views of Buffalo Bayou and Downtown Houston.




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