Beloved Birria Taco Truck Announces Coming Brick And Mortar

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Beloved Birria Taco Truck Announces Coming Brick And Mortar

Taco ’bout exciting news!

Blk Mkt Birria, beloved food truck and taco maker – the very same responsible for fiery, mouth-watering, delicious Birria tacos, as well as the certifiably food porn pictures as seen on social media – has announced the opening of a new brick and mortar store. [Featured image: @blkmktbirria]

If you haven’t tasted the diabolically wonderful dishes from Blk Mkt Birria, you’ve probably seen their bright red, Birria-utiful photos on any number of local foodie pages. As the name would suggest, the eatery traffics in Birria dishes. Birria is a savory style of street taco that originates in the Mexican state of Jalisco, in which the meat is stewed in chiles and spices. In the past year or so, it’s become one of the hottest food crazes to sweep America. In Houston, the top spot to get a bite has been Blk Mkt Birria.

Since its inception, Blk Mkt Birria has been giving Houston its fix of the fire via their food truck, which typically makes the rounds from 8th Wonder Brewery and Spring Street Beer and Wine Garden, as well as catering gigs. Its menu consists of Tacos de Birria, Quesabirria, Birria Fries, and classic burritos.


Now, the Birria maker is set to open its first brick and mortar store.

“We are so excited to announce that we have a physical location coming SOON,” the eatery wrote in an Instagram post. “Thank you so much to all our customers that have supported us so far. None of this would have been possible without y’all!”

Its new location appears to be 1717 Houston Ave in First Ward. It’s unclear when it will open, but judging by the video Blk Mkt uploaded to Instagram, the brick and mortar is expected to open real soon. Stay tuned for further details!

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