Houston’s Iconic ‘Be Someone’ Mural Above I-45 Is Back… For Now

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Houston’s Iconic ‘Be Someone’ Mural Above I-45 Is Back… For Now

The canvas has undergone a number of changes over the past year.

There’s no shortage of murals in Houston, with cafes, buildings, and entire park painted sky high in vibrant illustrations, H-town literally drips with artistic expression. But very few are more iconic then bold blue ‘Be Someone’ tagline suspended over I-45. [Featured image: @travishodgesphotography]

Since the onset of the pandemic, travel-bound Houstonians have witnessed a series of alterations of the famous slogan. The first was back in March, with a hygiene-conscious someone, or someones, painted over the sign to read: “Wash Ur Hands.”

Later on in August, a group of people highjacked the overpass yet again with a hashtagged slogan: #SAVEOURCHILDREN. In passing, the message seemed to have spoken to raising awareness of child trafficking. The messaging was muddied when taking into context QAnon-related conspiracies which suggest that, among other things, there is a secret child sex ring among elite in politics and Hollywood.


Fast forward to September, when the railroad bridge was painted over yet again ahead of the general election with the black-and-white message: VOTE OR DIE – also in all caps.  That message was slightly altered in October, when an artist added a little coloring to the message so that it read: Elote or Die.

Yesterday, its original message returned to the overpass. “Be Someone” in bright blue letters now reads on the bridge, giving Houstonians a sense of returning to normalcy. At least for now.

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