Tune Up At The Art Car Parade In Houston This April

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Tune Up At The Art Car Parade In Houston This April

Fast and curious.

The eclectic automotive exposition is back for their 33rd year. Mark your calendar for the weekend of April 16th – 19th when the Houston Art Car Parade will motor through the streets of Downtown. [Featured image: @cassiemessina]

Photo: @artcarmaven

Houston is full of curiosities. The Orange Show, the Beer Can House, the abandoned Taoist palace in the suburbs. Perhaps the most legendary of these is Houston’s Art Car Museum. The museum, otherwise known as the “Garage Mahal” was conceptualized in 1984 and later founded in 1998. Now, the motorcar museum exists as a contemporary art exposition that champions personal expression and creativity.

This will come as no surprise if you’ve ever seen any of the folky, avant-garde automobiles roll out onto the red carpet. Past creations include the likes of a minivan-turned spaceship, a baroque wheely armadillo, a dragon, a fruitmobile, and a giant heavy-metal skull.

Photo: @muthuragavan_sivaprakasam

The festival takes place over a full weekend beginning on April 16th. It’s set to feature over 250 craft cars from artists, schools, non-profits, and other creators.Get a sideline seat at the most glamorous drag show you’ve ever seen!

Rev up the weekend at the Art Car Ball on April 17th. Go pedal to the metal with a full costume at the legendary party of music, art, and excitement; that which “teeters somewhere in between the all-out artistic chaos of Burning Man and the debaucherous revelry of Mardi Gras.”

Photo: @gabyyylee

Don’t miss the main parade on the 18th. Line up anywhere along the route and be one of hundreds of thousands gathered in Downtown Houston to see the spectacle. (Map and specific route information TBA).

If you’ve still got some gas in the tank, come back to witness the award ceremony and see which wacky wagon will take home the grand prize!


Photo: @shizarah

Any Houstonian thinking of missing this legendary cultural event would do right to pump the breaks. The Art Car Parade is a must see for any person of any age!

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