Abbott: A Million Texans To Receive COVID Vaccine By End Of December

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Abbott: A Million Texans To Receive COVID Vaccine By End Of December

Beginning next week, Texas will be receiving shipments of the Moderna vaccine as well as the Pfizer vaccine.

Delivering his address at a UPS facility in Austin, Governor Abbott updated the public on the ongoing distribution of vaccines in the State of Texas.

Early Thursday, Governor Greg Abbott delivered an optimistic update on ongoing vaccine distribution system known as Operation Warp Speed. Recounting the “carefully calibrated process”, the governor explained that Texas, as with other states, receive a weekly shipment of Pfizer vaccines. Once the vaccine is received, a network of UPS trucks are deployed to 110 hospitals in the State of Texas.

Presently, those vaccines are subsequently provided for doctors and nurses on the front line. Abbott said that the government is currently working on getting those vaccines to seniors, the ill, and other members of the most vulnerable.

Next week, Texas and other states will receive Pfizer as well as the Moderna vaccine, according to Abbott.

“Before today we had delivered 95,000 doses; today, 129,000 doses will be delivered throughout Texas,” the governor said.

The addition of the Moderna vaccine, Abbott says, will allow for over a million people to be vaccinated in Texas this month. As soon as next week,  pharmacies, urgent-care centers, long term health facilities, local health departments, and more will be receiving vaccines in addition to hospitals.

The governor was joined by Texas Department of State Health Services Commissioner John Hellerstedt and Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Kim Nidd.


“These vaccines are proven, safe, and effective,” said Dr. Hellerstedt. Hellerstedt conveyed hope with the ongoing increased distribution of vaccines, noting that it provided “a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel,” but that millions of more vaccines were necessary.

When questioned about the potential of another shutdown in Texas, Abbott refuted, insisting on the necessity of reopening businesses; instead, the governor urged all residents to practice COVID safety measures to the best of their abilities.

Abbott said that he would take the vaccine after its allocation to doctors and nurses.

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