There’s An Abandoned Taoist Palace In The Middle Of This Houston Suburb

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There’s An Abandoned Taoist Palace In The Middle Of This Houston Suburb

The Chong Hua Sheng Mu Holy Palace stands out in west Houston suburb as a puzzling peculiarity.

The suburbs are known for many things: chain restaurants, strip malls, cookie-cutter homes, tumultuous HOAs — as mixed-residential counties devoid of personality and/or culture. While there’s no shortage of churches in Dairy Ashford, what you might not expect to find is an abandoned Taoist palace. [Featured photo: @carrcormier]

Photo: @etwyford

The impressive exterior of this austere five-story sanctuary is a geometrical work of symmetry. It features two opposing, diagonal staircases, a giant rectangular front entrance, twin prismatic pillars, and a herculean geodesic orb on top. Inside is over 40,000 square feet of who-knows-what.

The abandoned Taoist palace, otherwise known as the Palace of the Golden Orbs, was never fully realized. It was to be the centerpiece among a complex of buildings, retail centers, and living facilities. In 2008, the $6-million-dollar project was arrested in development after Kwai Fun Wong, the Taoist leader and visionary behind the project, was deported after failing to establish permanent US residence.


Photo: @jd_pressly

To this day the Palace of the Golden Orbs in Ashford emerges as an aberration in what would otherwise be typical suburbia.

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