Colossal 10-Pound Cinnamon Rolls Are Available At This Bakery Just Outside Of Houston

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Colossal 10-Pound Cinnamon Rolls Are Available At This Bakery Just Outside Of Houston

Obligatory “everything is bigger in Texas” quote.

How big is your sweet tooth? Located on 2047 W Main St A4 in League City just outside of Houston, Bonnie’s Donuts is a beloved, albeit unassuming, donut counter that whips up a variety of tasty breakfast items. [Featured image: @facebook.com/bonniedonuts]

Put on our radar by Houston Hotspots, Bonnie’s features familiar pastries such as croissants and kolaches to fritters and bear claws. The bakery formerly made its claim to fame by offering massive, 5-pound specialty cinnamon rolls. Recently, however, the donut shop decided to double down on their colossal confections by creating mountainous 10-pound cinnamon rolls now available for advance purchase.

With the holidays coming around the corner comes that time of year again when indulgence is readily accepted as a communal holiday tradition. For breakfast or dessert or really any meal of the day, look no further than Bonnie’s Donuts in League City, who’ve packed their pastry with 10 pounds of deliciousness for the whole village to enjoy. Just be sure to call and order ahead – you also might want to do a little light exercise to work up an appetite.

Or, if you’re in the mood for something lighter, you can always opt for their previous heavyweight champion – the 5-pound cinnamon roll that is as tasty as it is mighty. CR connoisseurs can also try out the bakery’s other cinnamon rolls that includes their red velvet, apple pie, Fruity Pebbles flavors available at special times.



Additionally, the bakery also offers spectacular birthday donut arrangements, as well as a spectacular selection of kolaches, fritters, quiches, eclairs, and more.

Bonnie’s Donuts is open from 5 am to to noon on Mondays through Fridays, and 5 am – 1 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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