Watch A Huge Herd Of Goats Mow The Houston Arboretum This Week

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Watch A Huge Herd Of Goats Mow The Houston Arboretum This Week

This is the cutest herd of lawnmowers you’ve ever seen.

When brainstorming weekday plans, watching others mow a lawn is probably not the first idea that comes to mind. There is a greater sense of entertainment value, however, when those doing the mowing are flocks of adorable goats. From now until Thursday, you can watch a herd of 120 goats feed on a couple acres of grass surrounding their Woodway ponds! [Featured image: @rent_a_ruminant_texas]

Over the next week, the Houston Arboretum is outsourcing their landscaping detail for the overgrowth around their pair of Woodway ponds. Rent-A-Ruminant Texas is a company that provides eco-friendly vegetation management by unleashing a herd of goats on a particularly grassy area.

“Goats can go places where it is unsafe or unsuitable for humans and heavy machinery,” the company writes on their website. “They are also used to preserve existing trees or other established features you’d like to maintain, while removing invasive and unwelcome vegetation that you despise. ”


You check out the company’s landscape crew do their thing at the Houston Arboretum from now until this Thursday. The 120 or so goats will remain in the confines of electrical fencing and request that you respect their distance as they do their business. Also, as these goats are taking down the 1.5 acres of overgrowth by mouth, and stomach, the Arboretum also insists that you don’t feed them.

“We’re excited to report that this is NOT a Throwback Thursday post! The goats from Rent A Ruminant Texas will be back at the Arboretum,” the arboretum wrote in an Instagram post. “They will be grazing the area around the Meadow Pond! Come out and see ’em before they’re gone.⁠”

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