A Disney-Inspired Candlelight Concert Is Coming To Houston

By Colby Smith

A Disney-Inspired Candlelight Concert Is Coming To Houston

Experience iconic Disney soundtracks in a stunning, candlelit setting.

A fundamental part of many people’s childhoods, Disney will forever hold a special place in our hearts – and it’s mostly down to their iconic songs and compositions that will remain forever ingrained in our brains. Whether it’s a trip under the sea that we’re after, or a whole new world entirely, Disney has always been there for us. And helping us pay homage to the classics from some of our favorite soundtracks this summer is Fever’s wonderful Candlelight series – which will bring the music to life in a truly beautiful setting. Find your tickets here!

Photo credit: @Khanh Nguyen

The beautiful Hughes Manor will be transformed with hundreds of candles, to create an unforgettable ambience. Plus, one of the area’s most talented string quartets will be performing a selection of classic Disney tracks that are sure to take you back to happier days. It’s set to be the perfect way to unwind, with the concert coming to town on April 6.

Giving us a little something to look forward to, the quartet will fill the room with the beautiful sounds of songs from Aladdin, The Lion King, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, and The Jungle Book and so much more – making it the perfect occasion for Disney fans old and new.

Photo credit: @Khanh Nguyen Photography

Social distancing measures will be in place for the event, with over one hour of relaxing performances to help you soothe your way back into normal life. With only one date confirmed for the very special show, you’ll want to snap up your tickets before they’re gone!